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Our foundry manufactures castings from steel, gray, ductile, alloyed iron and nonferrous metals .

  • Locomotive industry – cylinder sleeves, pistons, piston corer, mouldings for piston rings.
  • Engineering sectors – castings for machine tools, pumps, valves etc.
  • Agricultural industry – tractor tracks, milking machine rotor wheel
  • Architectural sector - bespoke architectural iron castings for buildings, conservation, restoration projects, bridge railings and posts, dustbins, benches, tree guards, staircase tiles and balusters, bells, manholes, drain water grates.
  • Decorative purpose – street furniture, floor grates, fireplace parts (doors, frames, bottom grates).

We have 5 furnaces with pots from 250 kg to 1 000 kg.

We perform centrifugal and sand casting.

Our inhouse laboratory allows to control chemical composition of a casting according to technical requirements of a customer and get a quality product.