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Repair and modernization of electric trains series ER2 and ER9

We offer repair and modernization of old electric train series ER2 and ER9, which allows:

  • reduce operating costs;
  • extend the service life;
  • improve the working conditions of the driver;
  • increase the level of comfort and safety of passengers;
  • ensure compliance with modern safety requirements.

Repair and modernization of electric train provides:

  • life extension of train for 20 years;
  • improvement of train safety level;
  • improvement of train fire safety level;
  • modernization of electrical equipment;
  • modernization of the auxiliary equipment;
  • modernization of lobbies and transition areas;
  • modernization of pneumatic equipment;
  • installation of control and diagnostic system of the train;
  • development and installation of the new driver's cab;
  • installation of passengers counting system;
  • development of new passenger coach interior and equipment;
  • installation of HVAC system;
  • installation of multi-zone for convenience of passengers with disabilities.

Modernization level and list of executed works could be adapted to customer needs. There could be done overhaul with minimal modernization level to modernization of all systems, with a change of train exterior and reconstruction of coaches.

As option in frame of modernization could be done reconstruction of:

-   trailer coaches to head coaches with control cabin;
-   motor coaches to motor coaches with control cabin in order to form train composition of two or four coaches.

In order to implement modernization project in accordance with all modern requirements and needs of customer, JSC "DLRR" also could provide development of a complete set of technical documentation, including:

Design documentation:

-   technical proposal, technical requirements;
-   preliminary design;
-   technical project (graphics and text documents).

Technical documentation:

-   technical passports;
-   technical manuals;
-   other documents required for maintenance of rolling stock.
Modernization of old diesel trains can be attractive from economic and technical considerations.
Relatively small costs allow quickly to get updated train with the required qualities.


Modernization of electric trains series ER2, Latvia 2008