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Repair and modernization of mainline locomotives

JSC “DLRR” offers repair and modernization of mainline locomotives, main goals of integrated modernization are:

  • Improvement of the technical specifications and the basic parameters of the unit,
  • Reducing operating, maintenance and repair costs;
  • Creation of favorable working conditions for crews;
  • Reducing negative impacts on the external environment;
  • Life extension for 20-25 years.

The main differences after modernization:

  • improved driver cabin interior with a new control panel which meets to all modern ergonomic and design requirements, at the customer's request also can be made exterior changes of driver cabin or installation of a new module-type driver's cabin;
  • installed new diagnostic system which provides a possibility for modern maintenance and repair of locomotive;
  • installed new air conditioning system in driver cabin which improves work conditions of locomotive crews;
  • installed new management system of locomotive which provides power control options;
  • carried out replacement of diesel generator;
  • installed new two-contour cooling system of the diesel of locomotive;
  • installed new equipment of water, oil, fuel and brake systems;
  • developed new cover-type construction of the body;
  • carried out replacement of compressor, instead of piston compressor mounted screw compressor with dryer which reduces vibration, sound levels and oil consumption;
  • carried out replacement of mechanical drive mechanism to the electrical;
  • carried out replacement of light elements to the LED;
  • installed new electrodynamic brakes which helps to reduce change frequency of brake pads and ensuring a longer service life of the wheelsets;
  • implemented three-step air purification system with self-cleaning filters and asynchronous electric drive;
  • installed new closed-type WC block.