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Repair and modernization of shunters

JSC “DLRR” offers repair and modernization of shunters series ТEМ1, ТEМ2, ТEМ7, ТEМ7А, ТEМ15, ТEМ18, ChМE3.

The main benefits of modernization:

  • Increase of capacity of diesel – replacement of old diesel allows to keep all technical parameters of locomotive and improve the following indicators: consumption of oil and fuel, toxicity, exhaust volume, duration between repairs, operating and service costs;
  • Installation of electronic control system of fuel supply, economic efficiency: decrease of fuel consumption, reduction of fuel consumption at idle, reduction of CO emissions, period extension between repairs.
  • Installation of system of diesel coolant heater on the basis of Webasto heater. Main benefits: reduction of fuel consumption for heating during the winter season, reduction of depreciation of main aggregates and equipment, after installation of system is no longer necessary attract additional personnel for heating of locomotive during winter season;
  • Installation of heat resistant gaskets in order to increase reliability of technological components and systems in service;
  • Installation of addition compartment of the refrigerator;
  • Increase of capacity of traction and running part of locomotive;
  • Increase of work conditions for work team of locomotive;
  • Higher safety standards of all systems of locomotive.