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Chrome plating. Chrome plating is applied on steel and cast iron.

  • Restoration of worn detail dimensions (shafts). The layer thickness 200-400 µm.
  • Wear-resistant chrome plating (press forms) 25 – 100 µm.
  • Decorative chrome plating (copper, brass, steel parts).

High quality bright nickel-plating (2-layered, with a sub-layer of copper) - decorative and protective-decorative coating.

Coating thickness 10-30 µm for parts from steel and copper alloys.

Galvanizing (or Zinc coating) - a protective coating. It is used for coating of threaded parts, machine parts, etc. Shining galvanizing with colourless passive film. Coating thickness 9-30 µm.

Tinning. Used - for giving a detail antifriction and solderability properties, corrosion protection, sealing of threaded connections.

Coating thickness -  10-20 µm.

Copper bright plating. It used as a decorative coating and as an intermediate layer when nickel plating.

Phosphate chemical coating. Phosphate coating is used for the purpose of pretreatment prior to coating or painting, increasing corrosion protection and improving friction properties of sliding components.

The dimensions of treated parts: max L = 1400 mm, S = 500 mm, F = 700 mm.