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Mechanical cleaning of metal construction. Conditioning of surfaces with abrasive materials.

High preassure water washing.

Shotblasting – removes mill scale, improves adhesion.

We are equipped with a shotblasting large-size camera L - 21m, W – 5m, H – 4m

Steel shot or grit is used for blasting according to the required roughness.

Most common grit grade is 1-1,7 mm

Priming and painting

 Primer is applied as foundation before painting to reinforce the surface and improve adhesion.

Painting is performed in a large-size camera L – 40 m, W – 4m, H – 5m.

2-component, alkyd and acrylic water base paints can be used.

We offer painting with high-preassure and lower-preassure painting equipment, as ell as electrostatic painting.